For the 65th birthday of Miffy, 86 fashion students from five academies across the world were invited by Mercis (manager of the rights of Bruna’s work worldwide) to designe a plush art Miffy. Of these 86, 10 Miffy’s were chosen as limited edition plush and will be sold in exclusive stores worldwide as well as an exhibiton in the Centraal Museaum Utrecht! My miffy, ‘LIFE-GIVER’ is one of the lucky winners!


Who is Nijntje en how did she come to existence? By returning to the origin of this plush, and exploring the hidden complexity of this minimalistic figure, I was able to reexamine and redefine the meaning and beauty of iconic Nijntje. Questioning its use and love not only as a character for children but creating an   experience for young and old. Every Nijntje is unique and can be brought to life by you! Unwrap, uncover and observe the birth of Nijntje. Life-Giver is and intimate adventure that will let you encounter the unforgettable emergence of this iconic creature.